About Us

There's nothing we love more than helping make a house a home.

Producing highly personalised, well-considered and luxurious interiors, Brightech puts the need of its clients first and never compromises on workmanship or materials. We are besotted with creating the most sophisticated and memorable interiors that express and enhance each individual’s unique personality and style while complementing their lifestyle and home architecture.

An interior from Brightech is an artistic pursuit, created in close collaboration with each client to completely understand their vision, personality and style, and to provide the best interior design and décor services, solutions and advice. Every element is exclusively designed to meet the client’s individual needs and expectations and close attention is paid to every intricate detail.

No project or request is too difficult, too big or too small. Anything is possible with Brightech.

Inventing your unique style

We value our client and their individual needs. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, providing knowledge, and achieving excellence in every project we design.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to be recognised in the industry as a consistent, quality-driven interior and exterior design consultant that serves to the individual needs of each of its clients.


Our Philosophy

At Brightech just selecting and placing furniture and décor – it’s a true art form, a way of living, thinking and breathing!

Interior design is a personal statement and reflection of the self, that requires finding the right inspiration, character, ambience and mood while also meeting functional and environmental factors. It is a delicate art requiring attention to detail, a discerning eye and creative passion.


Brightech’s design journey started back in 2010, and ever since, we have aimed for a 100% collaborative approach. We always place ourselves in our client’s position because that is what matters to us most. We discuss our ideas and do provide suggestions but the design plan is created based on each client's lifestyle, budget and taste. 

Our team of experts have a proven track record of consistently providing first class service to our customers. They have created a foolproof plan which involves four simple stages that will ensure timely completion, accuracy and complete transparency.



Mr. Shibu Francis
Founder & Managing Director


Our Team 

Our successful outcomes are attributed to our team’s consistency, the wealth of experience and passionate commitment to providing the most creative and practical interior solutions for our clients

Brightech has designated teams of experts who are capable of breaking down even the most complex design plans into executable procedures. Each team has it’s own area of expertise which facilitates a seamless flow of intel that translates into coherent designs. 

The Customer Relation Team at Brightech aims to maintain the best possible interactions with clientele always ensuring queries are dealt with in a timely manner. Our Interior Design Team is in charge of making you feel at home in your space by developing plans according to your preferences and choices. 

Once the design plans have been created, it is the Material Quantification Team that brings out clear cut estimations of costs and labour involved. Then our Inhouse Production Team gets to work, creating all the required pieces, and sticking to the design plan. Once the production process is completed our Onsite Execution Team takes up the final few steps by assembling and bringing together all the elements of the final design.


Our Services

In terms of design services, we’d like to play a part in every step of the process that would help turn our client’s vision into reality. Starting with civil work, we can do it all. Be it interiors, exteriors, furniture or even lighting, Brightech provides experts capable of understanding your requirements all the way to the end. 

We do provide all the basic services that every design firm has to offer, like drawing up plans and designing 3D models. It's the other services that help us get one step ahead of our competitors, and do make us unique. 

When it comes to interiors it’s not just the designs, it’s about furniture, flooring, colour patterns, paints and even the nicknacks that everyone tends to ignore. Brightech is able to provide you with an all-around package that includes design as well as execution so you don’t have to look elsewhere to hire professionals.  

We have specialists who can take care of your landscaping, home security systems which include automation and even your electricals and plumbing. Now if you need a home theatre system, we’ve got that covered too.


Our Infrastructure & Facilities

Incorporating aesthetics into infrastructure is another forte of ours. Our multidisciplinary teams are experts at creating that much-needed balance between the natural environment and the built area.


Unique Design Concepts

We create unique design concepts to suit your tastes and lifestyle and we deliver this with professional, personalised service.

End-to-End Solutions

We have the training and expertise to plan, schedule, execute and manage your interior design project from start to finish.

Solutions for Every Budget

We work closely with our suppliers to offer you the finest range of furnishings to suit every room and every room and every budget

Free Measurement & Quote

You’ll get expert advice on your dream project, and we precisely measure your space and give quotes free of cost.


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