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Design Inspiration

Whether your looking for some design inspiration or if you’d like to know how Brightech can spruce up your space, here's a collection of our best works of art. Flip through our signature styles to spot your favourite ones.

Home Interiors

2 BHK Apartments

To build a new home is to actually build a new lifestyle. A two bedroom space is the perfect first home for small families, because it provides just enough personal space without diminishing that sense of oneness.

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3 BHK - Appartments

Four walls and a roof don’t necessarily make a home; love, comfort, and safety do. Home interiors can do wonders to fill your home with the much-needed warmth by adding those little elements that help belong and create memories.

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Independent Villas

The autonomy you get with an independent space comes with a challenge. Decision making is hard when you have lots of options. Visualise what is best and what is not with Brightech’s team of experts.

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Commercial Interiors


Livable commercial spaces created by incorporating all aspects of a retail environment, including aesthetic appeal & advertisement.

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We have said this before and we will say it again, office spaces do not necessarily have to be neutral and plain. 

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Restaurants / Cafes

Complex interiors such as restaurants, created by incorporating numerous factors like health, safety, and functionality along with aesthetics.

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Office Furniture

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Custom Made Furniture

Home Furniture

Optimize and customize each room based on your vision and style.

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Office Furniture

Combine efficiency with looks while creating a space that improves productivity

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Decor / Utility

Create a personality with articles, materials, and textures of your choice.

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Unique Design Concepts

We create unique design concepts to suit your tastes and lifestyle and we deliver this with professional, personalised service.

End-to-End Solutions

We have the training and expertise to plan, schedule, execute and manage your interior design project from start to finish.

Solutions for Every Budget

We work closely with our suppliers to offer you the finest range of furnishings to suit every room and every room and every budget

Free Measurement & Quote

You’ll get expert advice on your dream project, and we precisely measure your space and give quotes free of cost.


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